Whether you’re one person, ten, 300, 10,000 or more – we all have a story. Each and every one of us.

We’re not talking about some dusty statement stuck up on the wall: not your elevator pitch, client presentations, corporate profile, your 30 second story or (definitely not) your resume.

What we are talking about, whether that story is about one person, a small company or a large organisation is the story, often something quite simple, that drives you, forgotten or, in some cases, not voiced yet.

We’re talking about what you want to be known for, the legacy you want to leave, your culture-driver, your passion, your reason for being.

Maybe that story’s got lost somewhere through a series of mergers and acquisitions, restructures and redundancies.

Or maybe it’s time to ‘freshen it up’ as you realise it’s time to respond to things changing around you.


Perhaps that story’s buried deep, and you see, when people and companies become disconnected from their story, bad things happen.

Things like widespread disengagement, falling productivity, unhappy customers and a general sense that something’s really not working.

Which is why Penny wrote Culture 101.

As you’ll discover, what your story is, is a culture-driving, gets-you-up-in-the-morning, go-the-extra-mile kind of statement.

For companies, it’s what the people you want to keep and attract relate to, and helps them see how their contribution matters and connects.

Oh, and along the way, you’ll be creating a place where people thrive and actually do want to work – you know, that little thing called engagement.

— Penny Nesbitt.

…for people to get clear on your meaning and purpose is to tell your story...