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Culture 101

Dipping in to positive psychology, strengths-based leadership and a bit of nerdy neuroscience for non-neuroscientists, Penny put pen to paper after over twenty years of seeing the damaging impacts of a disengaged workforce.

Drawing on her own experiences of one too many redundancies, and including a good dose of humour, Penny wrote Culture 101 as a practical, easy-to-use handbook, for anyone who wants to know how to be happier, more resilient, productive and fulfilled, working in a thriving, profitable workplace.

“Penny’s language is real and her own and her engaging style is worth the time spent. Enjoy!" 

– Sue Langley CEO, The Langley Group


What people are saying

"Workplace culture, leadership, productivity and Positive Psychology:"

"For me, these go hand-in-hand. Penny has put these things together in a simple, easy to read and practical way. I have lived my life and set up my business around the practical application of these areas and I know that books that provide real, tangible and practical tools are infrequent. Penny’s language is real and all her own and her engaging style is worth the time spent. Enjoy!"

- Sue Langley, CEO, The Langley Group


"The difference between theory and application is experience."

"Knowing the theory of swimming does not mean you will survive when thrown into the water. Penny Nesbitt is a swimmer. Been there, done that. She brings decades of deep wisdom to the art and science of building a working culture that actually works!"

                          - Colin James, The Colin James Method


"No surprise that Penny was writing a book, even less surprising was her subject matter."

"Penny lives and breathes this stuff! Collaborating with Penny on leadership development over a number of years demonstrated not only her own strengths and positivity, but also her desire to build engagement through workplace dialogue. Her ability to really engage through conversation and particularly in a training room creates wellbeing at work for those around her. She has an engaging style that, combined with her smarts and wit, can’t help but exude happiness!

- Vicki Thompson, Learning and Development Consultant, WrestPoint Casino