Thrive Taster Workshops


• Ever been surprised by your (dis)engagement survey? 
• Need to nudge your culture (or your life) in a new direction? 
• Maybe productivity’s flagging at about the same rate that innovation's stalled?
• Or perhaps it seems like something important’s missing?

Put simply, the Strengths Thrive Taster is for anyone who wants to thrive – to be happier, more productive, more fulfilled in life or at work. It’s for anyone charged with nudging a culture in a new direction as change happens; or, on an individual level, it could be that you feel like something’s missing, you’ve got an inkling there’s a lot more to you than what you’re currently doing.

Our first events kick off later in the year - be sure to sign up to be notified. 


Everyone's Welcome Retreats

In early 2018, we’re planning our first ‘immersion’ retreat in the lush Australian country (or sea!) side. With an emphasis on positive psychology and wellbeing, and along with practical every day hacks, this will be a chance to immerse yourself in getting solid on your own story, your strengths and using this as the anchor to plan a future connected on every level.

Details on the retreat will be revealed once we have a venue confirmed – suffice to say the food will be amazing (and healthy), there could be massage, yoga and organic wine (though not all at the same time…). There may even be master classes on things like creativity, cooking and more, delivered by leaders in those fields.

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Corporate events & workshops

Based on Penny’s bestselling book Culture 101: creating places where people thrive and profits grow, we’ll work with you to put together a program of cultural change (or you can come along to one of our open her retreats).

Small or not so, we’ll help you get your place ‘humming’ again.

Starting with your leaders, and any people driving the pockets of culture in your company, we’ll start by looking at the Strengths in your team.

From the top down, we’ll work with you on how to clarify, then live, eat and breath your culture, your story, and how to develop the Four Keys to Culture in your company.

In a retreat setting, we’ll immerse ourselves in all things culture, and get you focussed on the way ahead.

So to learn more about how to develop the four keys to culture in your company please contact us.