Second Career

July 3, 2017 - Talking Lifestyle with Matthew Tukaki

How can you secure a promotion at work or a new job? Listen on how to perfect the pitch and the art of storytelling when it comes to looking for a new job or a promotion.

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July 26, 2017 - -  The management skill that makes - or breaks - goals

Setting goals is an integral part of an effective coaching conversation, but one critical element is often missing from the discussions, a leadership specialist says. Author of Culture 101Penny Nesbitt, told HR Daily that if she could teach managers just one skill, it would be how to listen to their employees.

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ABC Radio RN Breakfast

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January 12, 2004 - - Monday's Wellness Discussion

Today we're looking at leadership and how leaders can affect the wellbeing of a workforce, perhaps even the health of a whole country.
There are hundreds of books and learned articles written every year about leadership. Indeed, there are entire university faculties and institutions devoted to the study of leadership. There are just as many theories about what makes a good leader. Today we're going to explore some of these ideas and get them back to some basics with our guest, Penny Nesbitt.

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