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Like many people, Penny spent a few years trying on jobs that were never going to work out, based on what drives her - her story and her strengths.

She found what many people seem to accept as normal: disengagement, stress, incivility, negativity, people disconnected from their strengths – toxic stuff – and a huge waste of potential, innovation and productivity.

After years of seeing what doesn’t work, Penny’s now developed a very low tolerance for fakery, skirting around issues, and room-occupying elephants.

Now focussed on companies who are genuinely interested in their people using their strengths, she works with leaders who are committed to making long lasting, positive cultural change. Leaders who understand, at a deep level, that profit is directly related to how you lead and manage your people, how you live your culture, your story – day by day, minute by minute.


Would you like Penny as a speaker at your workplace or event?

Penny has a reputation for presenting even complex material in a highly engaging, impactful, at many times light-hearted way, weaving stories and anecdotes throughout her delivery.

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