"A rock solid, well understood, daily lived and embraced core purpose helps everyone, from the bottom up, to make even the toughest of decisions…it’s the anchor that informs everything your people do"

- Penny Nesbitt


Based on Penny’s bestselling book Culture 101: creating places where people thrive and profits grow, we’ll work with you to put together a program of cultural change (or you can come along to one of our open house retreats).

Small or not so, we’ll help you get your place ‘humming’ again.

Starting with your leaders, and any people driving the pockets of culture in your company, we’ll start by looking at the Strengths in your team.

From the top down, we’ll work with you on how to clarify, then live, eat and breath your culture, your story, and how to develop the Four Keys to Culture in your company.


In a retreat setting, we’ll immerse ourselves in all things culture, and get you focussed on the way ahead.

So to learn more about how to develop the four keys to culture in your company, call us on +61 (0) 404 799730

Four Keys To Culture



People won’t trust you or allow you to influence them just because you want them to. This is the work of clarifying the purpose of the company and each person’s part in contributing to that purpose, and continuing to create a thriving culture, step-by-step, person-by-person.


This is the outcome of the culture you’re creating with your team and if you earn the right, and keep on earning it, this will be soooooo much easier.


Remember those things that people look for at work? Help them to clarify and use their strengths so they’re in a success loop; coach them through finding their own answers and share your wisdom and knowledge judiciously when they’re really stuck with the tough stuff.


What shape do you want to leave people in when you go? What do you want people, your team, your peers and your clients to say about you when you’re gone? Are you going to leave things in good shape or a mess for someone else to inherit and sort out?




From book launches across Australia, to taster Culture 101 sessions, full immersion retreats and corporate events and workshops our events page will keep you up to date with everything that is happening on our calendar. 


Penny's ability to adapt her style of facilitation to a range of different audiences ensures that both the privilege and responsibility of leadership remain top of mind for all of us, as does the need for ongoing reflection and learning in order to achieve personal and business goals.

Steve Tillett, Head of Human Resources, Mitsubishi Australia